Summertime in Wisconsin ~ Swanstrom Photography

Posted by images on Tuesday Aug 6, 2013 Under Children, Family, Maternity

It is always a pleasure to spend time with this awesome family. Can’t wait to meet your newest little one.

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6 and counting ~ Swanstrom Photography

Posted by images on Sunday Apr 3, 2011 Under Children, Family, Maternity

We were able to combine a family shoot and a maternity shoot. Three boisterous boys, an older sister, and a soon to be baby sister makes for lots of fun.

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Family Maternity Shoot ~ Swanstrom Photography

Posted by images on Friday Jul 2, 2010 Under Children, Family, Maternity

Tammy’s sister from Louisiana was up with her family for a visit. On the last night that they were here we put together and impromptu maternity photo shoot in our backyard. It was cloudy and already getting dark, but the lowlight ability of today’s cameras (ours happens to be a Nikon D700) is pretty amazing.

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