Blessing of Rain Delayed ~ Swanstrom Photography Wedding

Posted by images on Friday Aug 6, 2010 Under Wedding

We’ve taken pictures in Rod & Gun Park, but we never had the opportunity to do an entire wedding in the park until last Friday. All week the weather report was predicting rain, and the clouds looked ready to get us all wet. But, no rain fell during the ceremony and though there were a few sprinkles afterwards, it didn’t hamper the fun. It wasn’t until we were packing things up that the steady rain came. A little prayer of thanks for rain delayed was definitely in order.

So without further delay on our part, here are Chris, Rachel and Caden (their dog) enjoying their special day.

2 Responses to “Blessing of Rain Delayed ~ Swanstrom Photography Wedding”

  1. Liz Pukrop Says:

    You look Beautiful Rachel!! So sad that we missed it. Our babysitter ended up being sick at last minute.

  2. Kacie Bertrand Says:

    Bonita! You look sooo BONITA!

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