Black and White Wedding ~ Swanstrom Photography

Posted by images on Thursday Jul 29, 2010 Under Wedding

To change things up a little bit, we’ve chosen to use some black and white images from our latest wedding.  Our time in Phoenix Park though is best in color. Enjoy.

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Sydney ~ 1 year ~ Swanstrom Photography

Posted by images on Tuesday Jul 20, 2010 Under Children, Family

We’ve had the honor of taking pictures of this little lady since she was 3 months old. We’ve included one picture from her 3 month shoot, then one from 6 months, and the remaining seven pictures are from her 1 year old shoot (note the shirt). She was always cooperative especially this last session. It probably is because her mom and dad promised her a car when she turns 16 if she cooperated. I don’t know if she will remember this promise on her own, but maybe this blog post will help*.

* Text can be removed from blog posts for an additional fee. :)

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Enjoying a Farm ~ Swanstrom Photography

Posted by images on Sunday Jul 4, 2010 Under Family

A family friend graciously allowed us to use his gorgeous farm for our most recent family shoot.  We all enjoyed the beautiful weather, the wonderful scenery, and for the two little boys the added bonus of a toy tractor. It is times like this that you realize just how often one can take for granted the rolling hills and the wonderful summer weather that we have here in Wisconsin.

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Rice Lake Wedding ~ Swanstrom Photography

Posted by images on Friday Jul 2, 2010 Under Wedding

Last weekend we made the trip to Rice Lake.  Both the bride and groom grew up in Rice Lake, so we made sure to use the town as the backdrop for many of their pictures. From the the first embrace after seeing each other to the joyful dances at the reception, this couple embodied the tenderness and joy that makes weddings so special.

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Family Maternity Shoot ~ Swanstrom Photography

Posted by images on Friday Jul 2, 2010 Under Children, Family, Maternity

Tammy’s sister from Louisiana was up with her family for a visit. On the last night that they were here we put together and impromptu maternity photo shoot in our backyard. It was cloudy and already getting dark, but the lowlight ability of today’s cameras (ours happens to be a Nikon D700) is pretty amazing.

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